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22 June 2011 @ 11:26 pm
this is my last journal entry here. tomorrow i move to wordpress.

(if i remember.)

** new address(es)!

http://thekiwigoddess.wordpress.com <-- public blog
http://friendsofkg.wordpress.com <-- friends only blog.
19 June 2011 @ 06:30 am
write to mum
watch film i taped yesterday
have a nice soak in a bubble or essential oil bath
fart about online

god. that is a MUCH nicer list.
19 June 2011 @ 06:29 am
fix new toilet seat to toilet
the dishes
repotting and pricking out of herbs
put away the laundry
clean the bathroom
read my book
watch the film i taped yesterday
re-watch 'the apprentice' from this week (without falling asleep) (possibly)
attempt to sort out some space in the other half of the living room
go to B&Q to take advantage of their MASSIVE sale on plants
pot the plants i bought yesterday in hanging baskets
shift the singly potted petunias to a trough
drill holes in troughs (KD may have to do that)
have a nice soak in a bubble or essential oil bath
tidy my room
learn basic calypso on zumba-for-the-wii
have a eucalyptus inhalation
attempt to sort out some space in the spare room
water the plants
go to sara's bbq
write to mum
fart about online
18 June 2011 @ 09:56 am
at sainsburys this morning, there was only one trolley checkout open and one basket only - i had a trolley. the young woman servicing the self service area (oo-er!) beckoned me over and said she'd help me with my shopping. i LOVE using self service

(shut it)

so i was pleased about this but as we were about to start i realised that this wouldn't be good. the thing i LIKE about self service is that i can go at my own speed, without anyone else's involvement (until i buy wine or put another of my own bags on the weight machine, etc etc) and this just wasn't going to work. so i said thank you very much but i really didn't mind waiting in the check out queue and back i went.

as i loaded up my groceries on the - the - black thing, the young woman on the check out, who'd seen the whole exchange and i had a conversation:

her: it's too much when you've got more than a basket, isn't it?
me: yeah. shame though. i really like self service.
her: ... *blank look* ...sausages?
me: what? no. self service! *laughs*
her: OH! *laughs*

*pause while i keep loading up groceries*

me: heh. you must've thought "what a weird woman"
her: well - yes.

we both start giggling.

we have a conversation about where i'm from and i explain that something's up this week because she's the third person to misunderstand me and the other two are people at work who i've known for three YEARS.

by this stage, she's running my goods through her till


and i'm repacking my trolley.


and then i get the giggles again and say

me: it's just - now all i can hear is me going "mmmmmm i LIKE sausages!" and it sounds FILTHY!

i start laughing 
she starts laughing
we can't stop laughing

another staff member comes over to find out what's going on

my face is scarlet, i have tears AND boobshake

we can't talk to the other staff member
we finish our transaction


we both manage to squeeze out mutual "have a nice day"s and i leave.

18 June 2011 @ 09:46 am
1. woke up around 5am, thought it was a work day, realised it probably wasn't as i was fairly sure yesterday was friday - SWEET!
2. woke up much later, knew that i'd slept in, this meant going to sainsburys when it was already busy and annoying but i HAD to go. looked at clock: 6am. SWEET!
3. weather looked ominous but i thought "fuck it, not wearing a jacket, i get too warm. not taking an umbrella i couldn't carry it with the shopping anyway. if i get wet, i can come home and sort myself out." got to sainsburys (AND back) in warm sunshine. SWEET!
4. had a conversation with the check out girl that had us both in giggles and we couldn't stop. will blog separately.
5. KD wasn't available for helping out with the grocery weight today (sometimes i call her and she meets me at the bus stop, etc) so i knew i had to get it home on my own. i didn't mean to get much but i really did. as i started the walk to the bus stop (quite far away), telling myself i could stop and rest as often as i liked, it didn't matter i remembered something! i didn't just have arms, i had SHOULDERS! looked at the bags and sure enough, two had handles long enough to sling over! walked to the bus stop NO BOTHER AT ALL! SWEET!
6. got home and my honey came out to meet me - i thought she'd be in bed (well she was) - lots of lovely kisses and cuddles and general happiness at seeing each other. SWEET!
7. my coffee is bloody AWESOME today! SWEET!
12 June 2011 @ 07:51 am
has been bloody marvellous today! woke up at 3.30am, realised pretty quickly that that was it for sleep at that point so took my book, my glasses, beryl and myself and went off to the living room. 

the plan was to sit on the couch, curled up in blankets and read myself back to sleep without waking KD, BUT! as the book i'm currently 'reading' is 'we need to talk about kevin' and i keep putting it back down and choosing something else to read as i am NOT enamoured with it, i ended up doing the following instead:

went online
played GOT
posted lots on FB
posted on GB
caught up on slutwalk photos to date
found one with me in! :-D
took my pill
had two mugs of roobois
had very nearly two pints of water
did the dishes
sorted out the recycling
tiding up a bit from last night
removed the wii and all its bits from this computer, ready for reattaching to the big tv
watered the plants
got VERY excited at seeing my first geranium flower bud :-D x 7
took photos of plants
posted again on GB
had breakfast <-- still happening
pondered going back to bed
changed my mind
decided to write to mum once i've finished my muesli
23 May 2011 @ 07:20 pm
and some of it was my fault, which is doubly annoying. i don't want to sit and go on and on about it but i do want to write at least some of it out of my system.

sigh... so much for being concise.Collapse )
to say, that i know it might sound daft, but there really IS a tangible difference to how i feel about our home now that we own it. i always really liked the place but now i love it. i think sometimes i might've loved it a bit before, i had glimpses of the love, but now, it's here fulltime and i can be caught, several times a day, just smiling for no reason as i look at a wall, or the balcony doors, or a patch of floor. at some point, i'm going to start looking odd and i realise this, but for now, i'm soaking it up.
21 May 2011 @ 04:18 pm
actually not ALL of this is fuckity london public transport's fault, some of it is my own ignorance but anyway.

today i wanted to go to the hither green fayre. my original plan was to leave at 1pm but i was being hideously productive in the flat and it was on till 5pm so no biggie that i was running late.

i didn't mean to be running quite so late as i was but when i finally got out of the house and on the road, i was really looking forward to it all. i'd left KD at home with a snotty cold.

first - i arrived at the bus stop JUST too late to catch my bus, as it was leaving.
"no problem" i thought, "i'll just go to new cross gate and have a choice of three buses instead."
unfortunately, i didn't have that thought in time to catch the next bus going to new cross gate.
after waiting for a while, i got the next bus going to new cross gate. well, they all do from that stop so even i couldn't make that huge a mistake. 
after only a few minutes at new cross gate, one of 'my' buses came along.
getting to lewisham was no bother at all and off i hopped, to go look for the 273 bus stop. i was looking for the 273 bus stop as fuckity london public transport had told me to catch that one to hither green station, from lewisham.
there WAS no 273 bus stop.
"alright" i thought "i'll catch the 225 instead, i KNOW that goes there - oh - and while i'm here, i'll check fuckity london public transport to see if a train might be quicker"
so i did.
and i'd just missed a train. by ONE minute.
and there wasn't another 225 nor train till 3.24pm.
at this stage, it was only 3.08pm.
"arse and fuck" i thought.
wee ell was telling me via text that a 181 was also good for hither green. as i was texting her back, i looked up to see the 181 going past.
"arse and fuck" i thought.
(by this stage, i was already feeling The Foreboding. it's not just that it's Rapture Day, it was definite Foreboding.)
so! i looked for 181 on the bus stops (there are two) - couldn't find that either.
i decided i'd hold out for a 225.
i texted wee ell to let her know.
i looked up to see the 181 going past.
"oh for fucking fuck's SAKE!" i thought.
and i swear to you - it didn't stop at the right stop. well it couldn't - THERE, WASN'T, ONE.
The Foreboding was getting stronger and i texted wee elle to let her know that i was considering changing direction and going back home.
while i was texting her, the 225 went past.
well and truly before 3.24pm.
i only know because i looked up in time to see it whizz by me.
it hadn't stopped at its own stop, but the other one, further down the road, that it shouldn't stop at.
at this point i called KD, i was definitely feeling like my best option was to return home.
as i was waiting for her to answer, i looked in a different direction and saw a third, fucking, bus stop.
with a 181 at it.
"fucking fucking FUCK!" i thought.
KD answered and said it was fine to come home (i wanted to leave her in peace if she was feeling shite).
i did two about turns as i tried to decide what to do and decided to go home. it was after all Rapture Day and only polite to spend the last few hours of my existence with the woman i love.
i got to my bus stop across the road, my bus arrived approximately seven seconds later, i was home in 15 minutes.


i am now having a well earned glass of wine.

oh - and the 273? still looking for that bus stop. fuckers.
27 April 2011 @ 07:28 am
i said to my colleagues before we broke up for easter that i did NOT want to spend the majority of my fucking holiday working on this flat - i wanted a BREAK, to RELAX and to feel RESTED when i got back. instead, it feels like i'm spending the majority of my holiday working on this flat, and more frustratingly, I DON'T FEEL LIKE I'M GETTING ANYWHERE!

it's pissing me OFF!

and people keep wanting to do social stuff while i'm getting to the point where i want to go find a dark room and sit in it. and glare. 

a lot.